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Through my teaching experiences I have the realization that the educational institution is a shrine where everyone attached to it gets an opportunity to excel and explore oneself in an unique way. This profession gives a scope to serve from the core of the hearth and to love the students which has no motive. It teaches to give as rose give perfume because it is own nature, utterly unconscious of giving. It is a profession which is not tailor made like others where you get the least scope to go beyond the prescribed guidelines. Teachers are really grateful to Him for giving them to serve this noble profession. Our coveted institution, Kandi Raj College possesses a heritage value for not producing famous personalities of national and internal national repute but for nurturing students mostly from penniless families who, even in the 21st century, think higher education as a day dream but they process pure heart and pay the teachers not through kinds but through heart and this yields a wide scope to impart real education which is man-making , character building and to stand on one`s own feet and thereby to attain true nobility as we know that the true nobility lies not being superior to others but being superior to your pervious self.

Dr. Soma Datta Principal, Kandi Raj College



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