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Institutional Distinctiveness

Each institution has its own distinctive characteristics through which it can prove its
uniqueness. It may be obtained either by academic speciality or by its outstanding
performance in social, environmental or ethical inclusiveness. Likewise, our institution has
accomplished to gain its notable distinctiveness through several curricular and co-curricular
activities. The observance of International Mother Language Day every year in a grandiose
manner and its focus on paying tribute to all the Mother Languages and the martyrs have
made this institution a distinctive one.
To promote linguistic awareness and harmony, Kandi Raj College observes International
Mother Language Day every year on 21st February with due respect to the martyrs of Bhasa-
movement of Bangladesh in 1952. There is no denying the fact that to the detriment of their
blood, the great martyrs like Jabbar, Salam, Rafique, Barkat and others had become able to
retain the honour of their mother tongue when it faced the critical juncture regarding the
question of extinction. But regrettably speaking, in now-a-days we are still finding issues
concerning the existence of our prestigious mother language. We are going to be forgetful
about the sacrificial deeds of our predecessors for conservation of our mother language in the
midst of other contemporary languages of the world.
In the words of the poet, " Matribhasa matridugdhasomo", we should feel its magnificence in
respect of Bengali tradition and cultural heritage. Keeping this in mind, our institution has
undertaken a noble mission to preserve the glory of mother tongue along with paying homage
to those honorable persons who fought for its acceptance in the then period. A grand ‘Sohid-
Vedi’ has been erected in our college premises following the monument of Dhaka University
to commemorate the sacrifice of those martyrs. Beside the altar, there is a bust of one of the
great bhasa- martyr Abu Barkat in whom we bengalis take pride especially the people of
Murshidabad district. This is because that great soul came of a family from Babla village
belonging to the Salar police station in Murshidabad. Relevantly saying, few days ago, the
dignified Foreign Minister of Bangladesh came to visit this memorial after coming to know
about it. They also appreciated the endeavour of the institution to build such a monument in a
semi- urban region.
Besides the establishment of the monument, our institution takes care for its proper
maintenance by cleansing it with utmost earnestness on regular basis.
Every year, this Sahid- Vedi is decorated with flowers and garlands on the occasion of Bhasa-
Divas on 21st February. On that very special day, the student unit and NSS unit of our college
arrange cultural programme under the aegis of IQAC. The programme includes songs,
recitation, lectures, dance, staging of drama to celebrate the triumph and grandeur of our
mother language in present day society. Innumerable students from each stream of our
college take part in this programme with much enthusiasm. They express their love and
respect towards Mother Language throughout different forms of cultural aspects. The
dignitaries invited in the programme deliver their valuable words including the position and
prestige of Mother Language in today's society in the context of predominance of foreign
languages. They also speak for significance and importance of Mother Language by making
us remember the dedication of those said martyrs again and again so that we can never be
oblivious about their commitments and contributions to cling to our sweet Mother Language,
i.e., Bengali.
Apart from constructing the memorial, our college shows eagerness to respect Mother
Language by introducing different add- on course in Bengali, like recitation and staging
performative art from several piece of Bengali Literature. Those add on courses are aiming at
improving the students’ skills in multifarious domains of Bengali language, literature and
Our love for our “Mother Tongue” is not just restricted to observance of Mother Language
Day, we do practice it in the day-to-day transactions in our college. Like most of the signages
inside the college are Bi-lingual. Most of the notices, especially those that are addressed
towards the student community are Bi-lingual. Not only this, during lecture-discussions in
tutorial classes, the teachers interact with the students in their mother tongue, to make them
understand the topic more easily.
 Above all, the factual truth that deserves mentioning in this context is that such type of
awareness related to the prevalence of Mother Language asserts our duty and responsibility
towards the future of our nation and culture. Through the celebration of Mother Language
Day, a strong bonding of fraternity, equality and communal harmony has been initiated. The
observance of 21st February as International Mother Language Day erases the gaps among all
Bengali speaking people irrespective of their class, caste and community. Such mission has
become effective in enabling them to fight unitedly to keep the pompous glory of the mother
tongue in their motherland.

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